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Join us in New Orleans for a 3 day event, March 21-23, 2018, on Web & JavaScript Development! All tickets include workshop day, and there will be 4 concurrent tracks. Workshops and sessions include:

Angular, React, Vue, JavaScript, JS Frameworks, HTML5, CSS3, tools, techniques, and more!

JazzCon.Tech will bring the energy and community spirit of our previous event back to New Orleans for three days of learning and networking. In this second edition, we're making the conference experience even better for attendees and speakers. We invite you to join us March 2018 for this unique experience!

This is not a mega-conf - rather it is an intimate event with less than 250 attendees ( including speakers )! Our goal in the first edition was for _everyone_ to get to know each other and share knowledge and ideas, and the goal remains the same this year.

Join the band!




  • Advanced Angular
  • React Native one-day crash course
  • #Unlock: Accessibility and Conversational UI Workshop
  • Functional Web with Elm
  • Next-level React: React Router, Redux and more hands-on
  • Functional JavaScript With Ramda


Registration is $745 for groups and $795, and ends February 12

Remember, all tickets include access to a full day of workshops on March 21!


Ticket includes workshop day (workshop space is on a first-come basis), March 21 and main conference March 22-23.


Ticket includes workshop day (workshop space is on a first-come basis), March 21 and main conference March 22-23.

two conference combo

Get two great confs for one super-low price! Connect.Tech (October 2018, Atlanta) + JazzCon.Tech 2018 (no other discounts on this ticket)


Thursday March 22nd

Keynote Room & ReactJS
Core & Advanced JavaScript
Design - UX - Techniques - Practices


Sessions & Workshops

Workshops on Wednesday March 21 on first-come basis

Rescuing Legacy UIs: How IBM Is Putting Performance First
Font Awesome - Never Build Icons Again
Crash Course in Ionic + AngularJS
Build Web Apps with Elm Workshop
Effective React Testing
Front-End Performance Still Matters
Universal React Apps Using Next.js
Leadership for the Reluctant Leader
Cross-Platform Desktop Apps with Electron
Dockerize Your Development Environment
Functional JavaScript With Ramda Workshop
Going Beyond "Good Enough" Documentation
Refactoring for Progressive Web Apps
Real Life Service Workers
Building Facial Recognition Services with JavaScript
Boost Your Mobile Apps’ Emotional Intelligence with Machine Learning and NativeScript
The Chains of Love
Vue.js - The Next Big Thing In JavaScript
Serverless JavaScript OMG
Building PWAs for People Terrified of PWAs
Designing APIs with OpenAPI Spec
Block__Element--Magic: CSS Modularity for the masses.
Focusing on Focus
Setting Fire to Silos
Redux: Architecting and scaling a new web app at The New York Times
Why does this work? When bad UX Converts
It's Spelled 'Accessibility', not 'Disability'
Unlock: Accessibility and Conversational UI Workshop
From a Big Band Web App to Serverless Bebop
React Native Workshop
Environment Sanity Checking with Node
StencilJS and Universal Components
Component Driven Architectures: Managing State
Typescript at Scale (cough): My Scale
Reactive Programming with Observables
Working with Design
What's New in TypeScript?
More Than Just a Pretty API
Micro SPA Architecture
Forming Angular Forms
Leveraging the Angular CLI - from development to production
Reactive Animations using Angular
State management on steroids with ngrx v4
Angular 5 Skyfall
Why Nobody Fills Out My Forms Part 2: Electric Boogaloo
Tame the Async Redux Beast with redux-logic
Rockin' the JAMstack with Gatsby
Styled Components, SSR, and Theming
The end of "Native" as we know it
History of the Web
Javascript as a compile target
Resilient React.js - building apps with a functional approach
Lessons from the trenches - Designing Bulletproof React/Redux Apps
From Bootstrap to CSS Grid
Next-level React Workshop: React Router, Redux and more hands-on
Docker: Development to Production
Express yourself with Typescript and React

Bring the band!

Bring your whole team for an offsite the day before, Tuesday, March 21! Contact us and we'll make the arrangements for a conference room, food, etc. Contact us at:


JazzCon.Tech will take place in the heart of historic New Orleans, within walking distance of the best food, music, and culture the city has to offer.

We have a special rate at the conference hotel: the Intercontinental New Orleans

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JazzCon.Tech is dedicated to providing an outstanding conference experience for all attendees, speakers, sponsors, volunteers and organizers (JazzCon.Tech participants) regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, financial status, hair color (or hair amount), platform preference, or text editor of choice. We do not tolerate harassment of JazzCon.Tech participants in any form. Please treat your fellow JazzCon.Tech participants with respect, regardless of the context you’re interacting with them.

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