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Join us in New Orleans for a 3 day event, March 22-24, on Web & JavaScript Development! All tickets include workshop day, and there will be 4 concurrent tracks. Workshops and sessions include:

Angular, React, JavaScript, JS Frameworks, HTML5, CSS3, tools, techniques, and more!

Brought to you by the organizers of another world-class conference, Connect.Tech, JazzCon.Tech will bring the energy and community spirit of our previous events to New Orleans for three days of learning and networking. Check out the speakers and presentations from our previous confs at the link above. We invite you to join us March 2017 for this unique experience!

Regular price are available now, use code MFC2017 to get $50 off! Get the best possible price now before it goes up!

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All tickets include access to a full day of workshops on March 22! Workshops include:

  • Full Day Angular 2 workshop
  • Redux workshop
  • Advanced React workshop
  • Design for Developer workshop
  • Functional Web Dev with Elm workshop
  • Progressive Webapps workshop
  • Building Alexa Apps with JavaScript workshop


Rate of $795 good until February 27, use code MFC2017 to get $50 off! Buy now!

All tickets include access to a full day of workshops on March 22!


Ticket includes workshop day (workshop space is on a first-come basis), March 22 and main conference March 23-24.


Ticket includes workshop day (workshop space is on a first-come basis), March 22 and main conference March 23-24.

two conference combo

Get a free ticket to Connect.Tech (September 20-22, Atlanta) when you buy a JazzCon.Tech ticket! (no other discounts on this ticket, must also buy conf hotel ticket during registration)

Sessions & Workshops

Workshops on Wednesday March 22 on first-come basis

Bring the band!

Bring your whole team for an offsite the day before, Tuesday, March 21! Contact us and we'll make the arrangements for a conference room, food, etc. Contact us at:


JazzCon.Tech will take place in the heart of historic New Orleans, within walking distance of the best food, music, and culture the city has to offer.

We have a special rate at the conference hotel: the New Orleans Downtown Marriott at the Convention Center

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The Best Content

JazzCon.Tech will be an intimate event - with limited attendance - to provide a great atmosphere for conversation on all things Web Dev. The complete session and speaker lineup, with workshops, will be announced January 20 or sooner. All tickets will be for a 3-day conference with one full day of workshops and two days of sessions. Get your tickets early, we expect to sell out quickly!

Our events focus on providing a great learning experience for the attendees and speakers. You can see our previous event's program at the Connect.Tech website's session catalog. We will have experts and community speakers alike who will present their in-depth knowledge on Web and software development.

Workshops and sessions (small changes still possible)

Web Components: Lego bricks of the web
The Big Easy: Native Mobile Development with Appcelerator and JavaScript
Closing Ceremonies
Friday Keynote
Conference Reception
Why Nobody Fills Out My Forms
Tablets and Hybrids Need Mobile-Optimized Websites, Too!
Redux workshop
Advanced React Workshop
Best practices for leveraging UX in an agile enterprise development process
Navigating the React Solar System
React Exposed!
Source maps demystified!
How To Develop Like A Designer (workshop)
Server-Side Rendering with ReactJS
Bio-digital jazz, man - how to survive the JavaScript Hype
Progressive Web Apps - for the web, of the web
Web Scraping and Data Mining in Node.JS
The Right Tool for the Way the Job Will Probably Go Wrong
Show me how you REST
ClojureScript: I can't believe this is JavaScript
Rapid Applications with React Native
Gimgen - Pushing the Boundaries of Js Generators
CSS Only Tabs
Angular 2 Hands-on (workshop)
Angular 2 Unit Testing recipes
Using Redux and Angular 2
Progressive Web Apps from scratch
The (Awesome) Future of Web Apps
Smooth jazz - Recompose your React.js components embracing a functional style
Simplifying routing - React Router v4
Building Performant Native Apps with Angular & NativeScript
Intro to Flexbox with Real World Examples
Using Gulp to Improve Your Angular Workflows
State, Side Effecs, and Redux. Oh my!
Building Web Apps with Elm Workshop
The Rise of Async JavaScript
Universal React Apps Lessons From the Trenches
Realtime Visualizations Made Easy with D3 & EON
Real-world Redux Patterns and Best Practices
Building Services with AWS Lambda for Amazon Alexa
Overcoming the Challenges of Developer Mentoring
GatsbyJS, building websites with React.js
JavaScript LevelUp
TypeScript for scalable app
Ionic 2: A new way to do mobile
Web Components: Lego bricks of the web
Navigating the Angular2 Router
Understanding dependency injection in Angular2
Protractor - Taming the beast with... Patience?
Open Sourcing Visual React Components
Live coding: Upgrading an Angular 1 Directive to Angular 2 Component
Redux workshop
Advanced React Workshop
 Fill up my Chart, Put Some Data in it 
Zero to Sixty with Webpack Two
Building Alexa Apps with JavaScript (workshop)

Code Of Conduct

JazzCon.Tech is dedicated to providing an outstanding conference experience for all attendees, speakers, sponsors, volunteers and organizers (JazzCon.Tech participants) regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, financial status, hair color (or hair amount), platform preference, or text editor of choice. We do not tolerate harassment of JazzCon.Tech participants in any form. Please treat your fellow JazzCon.Tech participants with respect, regardless of the context you’re interacting with them.

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